Optimal Digestion Raw Food Vegan Guide



In order to fully take advantage of the superior nutritional and healing benefits that can only be obtained from fresh, raw, and organic plant foods, digestion has to be optimized. Even the most well-designed raw vegan diet may just end up as a partially effective regimen if digestion is impaired. "Optimal Digestion" is a practical, easy to follow guide that explains what digestion is and how it affects your overall health. It also enumerates the root causes and signs of poor digestion. It highlights the important roles that enzymes play in the biochemical processes of digestion and assimilation. "Optimal Digestion" also explains why a high raw vegan diet is ideal for excellent digestive health. This guide stresses the importance of increasing the body's alkalinity in optimizing digestive functions. It also includes a list of foods and supplements that promote efficient digestion, some non-dietary protocols that facilitate gastrointestinal detox, and tips on how to make raw foods even more digestible. The way to vibrant health is through the stomach!


  • Full Laminated Guide Table of Contents
  • What is Digestion?
  • Signs of Weak Digestion
  • Causes of Poor Digestion
  • Enzymes and Digestion
  • Know Your Enzymes
  • Why Alkaline?
  • The Best Diet for Optimum Digestion
  • Tips to make Raw Foods Even More Digestible
  • How to Improve Digestion
  • Foods, Herbs and Spices that Promote Digestion
  • Healthy Digestion Supplements


Product Code: B-280-9