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Hippocrates Health Institute Scholarship Grant


See if you qualify to receive a $1000 Scholarship Grant from The Helping Hands Program to attend The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

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what is The helping hands Program?

Helping Hands is a philanthropic organisation. Our mission is to connect, educate and inspire others to support the raw vegan and health and wellness communities as a whole. We, along with our sponsors offer scholarship grants to individuals that may not otherwise be able to attend programs such as those offered by The Hippocrates Health Institute

why Hippocrates is right for you

Pioneering the field of mind body work in the 1950's, The Hippocrates Health Institute has accrued decades of knowledge on how this affects one’s health and happiness. Your first step in remaining young and conquering the potential for disease is your authentic embrace of your core values. Healing sparked by emotional strength empowers your immune system defenders to protect the anatomy as a whole. Over the course of this renowned three-week program, the transformation literally occurs before one’s eyes, as the body begins to experience recovery to wholeness. 

Introduction to The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program


  Education - Learn from the best health educators. Nutrition, food preparations, techniques, exercise and more. 

Mind - The mind is powerful and can create health or disease. Be guided to a radiant health and a happy mindful life.

Body - You are made up of one hundred trillion cells. Master the process of nourishing your body so it will flourish.

Spirit - A healthy body and mind is the result of a joyful, connected spirit. 

The number of Grants we issue are limited. Do not delay in getting your application started! 

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Learn how to reclaim your health today


Multiple Testimonials from Attendees

Listen to the experiences of those that have attended the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program for a range of issues and illnesses. 

People with these conditions have truly benefited from their time at Hippocrates.

Heart Disease | Lyme Disease | Chronic Pain | Multiple Sclerosis | Diabetes

Arthritis | High Cholesterol & Hypertension | Autoimmune Disease

Skin Conditions | Weight Loss | Ulcerative Colitis