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The doors that stand between you and a life-changing transformation open up into the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Since the 1950s, HHI has been focusing on the connection between mind and body for optimal health.

In short, a whole existence .

Many of the individuals who attend the renowned, HHI 3-week program arrive struggling to live healthy lives with one hand tied behind their back.

They leave whole - with an emotional strength that forever strengthens their immune system so they are equipped with the tools they need to live healthier and more satisfying lives. 

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About The Hippocrates Health Institute: 

 Education - Learn from the best health educators. Nutrition, food preparations, techniques, exercise and more. 

 Mind - The mind is powerful and can create health or disease. Be guided to a radiant health and a happy mindful    life.

 Body - You are made up of one hundred trillion cells. Master the process of nourishing your body so it will flourish.

 Spirit - A healthy body and mind is the result of a joyful, connected spirit. 

What Attendees say about this 2016 Conde Nast Traveller World's Best Health & Wellness Spa: 

" An incredibly unique program and atmosphere for improving health and wellness in all aspects of life, body, mind and spirit."  Jeannine Paskel. Cockeysville, Maryland, USA

" This place is out of the ordinary, it is difficult to describe. I came here to help my health and I got a ton of health education and the food is amazing."   Beatrice Lauven. Paris, France

" If your health is compromised in any way or you need to detox from sugar, processed foods, the typical American diet, and unhealthy lifestyle habits, this is the place to go. "   Natalia Beals. Toronto, Canada  

The Time is Now. 

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About Helping Hands: Helping Hands is a philanthropic organization. Our mission is to connect, educate and inspire others to support the raw vegan and health and wellness communities as a whole. We, along with our sponsors, offer scholarship grants to individuals that may not otherwise be able to attend programs such as those offered by The Hippocrates Health Institute.