What is The Helping Hands Program?

We, as humans share one world and what encapsulates the human spirit and drive our personal motivations differs among us greatly. Just as each person is unique, that uniqueness extends outwardly in the form of our goals, values, desires and ambitions. For some, life may be to live in harmony with our environment; for others it is family and the desire to surrounding ourselves with the people we care most about; or perhaps the focus is centered on personal ambition and a sense of pure accomplishment and for others perhaps it's the ability to effect lasting change through positive action and leading by example. Regardless of your life's focus, there is one undeniable function all human beings need in order to live out one's life mission and that is to remain healthy, vibrant and strong.

 A wise person once said: There's a need for accepting responsibility - for a person's life and for making choices that are not just ones for immediate short-term comfort. You need to make an investment, and the investment is in health and education.

Welcome to Helping Hands, a philanthropic organization created to advance the raw vegan lifestyle. Our mission is to connect, educate and inspire others and to support the raw vegan and health and wellness communities to:

  • Promote the incredible, life-changing benefits of a raw vegan lifestyle.
  • Creating learning aids and reference guides to facilitate the transformation to a raw vegan lifestyle.
  • Reach a broader audience with the raw vegan message.
  • Support the businesses and organizations that service the raw vegan community.
  • Support wellness experts, lecturers, and institutions that teach and inspire raw vegan living.
  • Support raw vegan ambassadors and evangelists that wish to promote the raw vegan lifestyle in their communities.

Intense interest in the vegan and raw vegan industry is sweeping across North America. Helping Hands is a synergistic way for businesses, health and wellness experts and raw vegan enthusiasts to work together to raise awareness of the many benefits of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  


Helping Hands works with local, national and international businesses that have a strong connection or an affinity with the raw food industry. We also partner with leading health experts, nutritionists and ambassadors to expand our reach and positive message. 

"Why Raw?" or in other words, Why should you eat a diet that comprises primarily of raw, vegan food? The short answer is this: to feel great and live longer.

The long answer is, indeed, pretty long. But it's worth hearing. Nobody should take something so important as his or her diet strictly on the recommendation of one person or information source. We are each responsible for our health. Our parents didn't know the best way to feed us. Neither do most doctors nor does — shamefully — the FDA. But thanks to the tireless efforts of the Helping Hands organization along with hundreds of researchers that are always pushing the envelope and questioning the status quo, there is now newer, better information.

Let us help you get started on your life transformation with the generous support of our sponsors!

There are many clinics, courses, and spas throughout the world to ponder from when seeking improved health, diet, and enlightenment. The majority offer fantastic programs and options to help you achieve optimum health and wellness and a few provide the life-changing education needed to understand the principals and science behind a raw vegan diet.



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