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Perhaps you are a business or an organization that serves the raw vegan community or you are a wellness expert, lecturer or institution that teaches and inspires raw vegan living. 

Regardless of your role, we want to partner with you by offering our invaluable Organic and Vegan quick reference learning guides free to you and at no cost to your audience. 

Why we do this?

As a philanthropic organization, the primary mission of the Helping Hands Program is to connect, educate and inspire others and to support the raw vegan and health and wellness communities. 

We all know the incredible health benefits afforded people that actively pursue a raw and living foods lifestyle. Education and on-going enlightenment is critical to the success of the raw vegan movement and our planet. It is with this in mind that we extend an offer to partner with us so we may collectively reach as many people as possible. 

So what have we done?

We collaborated with a wide range of experts in various fields of study - bringing together the best medical and scientific-based raw food information on various subjects and created the most comprehensive quick reference guide series on the subject in order to facilitate the transformation to a raw vegan lifestyle. 

In keeping with our mission, we are offering these invaluable guides to partnering companies and organizations just like yours....for free. Yes, free so please read on.

vegan Quick reference guide series

Our Vegan Education Series consists of 15 titles and growing. In digital form, they come as a PDF. They typically consist of 4-pages that provide information, facts & tips and much more, all in a clear, concise and easy-to-read format. They allow anyone to learn a subject in 10 minutes or less.

How to store Good vegan Permachart

Titles include: Lifestyle | Juicing | Green Drinks & Wheatgrass | Dehydration | How to Store Foods | Food Combining | Superfoods | The Raw Kitchen | Gluten-Free Living | Detoxification | Optimum Digestion | Dips, Dressings & Sauces |  GMO's 

Distribute these Charts at No Cost You  

We provide you with these awesome educational materials at no cost you....but here is the catch. These charts must be offered free-of-charge to people that will benefit the most.

Give them to your patients, your customers. Share them on social media, use them to increase your newsletter subscriptions, etc. 

You may use these valuable charts in any way you see fit, provided you offer them for free thereby helping us to fulfill our mutual goals. That being to educate as many people as possible to the transformation health benefits of living vegan.

We'd love to partnering with you! If you want to get involved then please, complete the form below to get started!


More Reasons to Partner with Us.

Our Partners benefit not only by being able to provide great educational materials at no cost,  we also work together to help generate opportunities and exposure for our Partners. 

Just a few of the addition benefits that come from partnering with the Helping Hands Program are:

  • Social media mentions and call outs
  • Blog posting and back links to help SEO
  • Embedded HTML links within the charts themselves
  • Inserting offers and announcement with our email campaigns and much more.

Partner with us today so we all can enjoy a better tomorrow!

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