Promote your Event with Free Vegan Reference Guides

Helping Hands has partnered with Permacharts Inc, the leader in quick reference to provide event promoters and coordinators with free vegan Quick Reference Guides. Use them to drive ticket sales, reward exhibitors and promote your event, all at no cost you!

Why we do it

Our mandate at Helping Hands involves providing material and financial support to those involved in the Vegan and Organic Health & Wellness field. 

Education in the area of natural health and raw and living foods is lacking.  Information that is based on proper science, and explained in plain terms in an easy-to-read format is what is required.  The award-winning series of Raw Vegan Quick Reference Guides produced by Permacharts delivers this much-needed information. Our goal is to educate the public about the numerous health benefits associated with the raw vegan lifestyle. 

How you benefit

We work with groups, event promoters, organizations, and health professionals that are serving the people we seek to educate. You receive these valuable Raw Vegan Quick Reference Guides in a digital format and at no cost to you. All we ask is that you distribute them in the best way you see fit to help us educate others and to reach our mutual goals. 

Here are several methods that have proven effective.

 Provide digital downloads on your site and as a premium to increase event ticket sales.

 Use them as an incentive to increase newsletter subscriptions or include them in your regular emails blast to subscribers.

 Share them on social media and make your brand go viral with expertly written content.

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