Many people “talk” about paying it forward…

                Few get a chance to do it in such a life-changing way!  

Whose lives will you impact with a
$1,000 Helping Hands Scholarship Grant
to the Hippocrates Health Institute?

Imagine…someone you know and care about has no idea you’re about to touch their life in such an impactful way.

And no one knows better than you - a Hippocrates Health Institute Alumni - how they are probably feeling.

 You were there.

They could be frustrated. Overwhelmed. Depressed.                           Feeling hopeless. Desperate.

One thing’s for sure, they need support.

 And today, you’ve got the power to provide that life-changing support - in a very meaningful way.


The person(s) you nominate will receive:

  • A $1000 Helping Hands Scholarship Grant certificate and they will be informed that it was you that provided them with this incredible gift.
  • A personal call from a Helping Hands coordinator informing them of their $1000 Scholarship Grant Award. 
  • A follow-up call from a Hippocrates program coordinator so they may have all their questions answered and be provided with additional free information.

Who would you like to nominate for a $1000 Scholarship Grant?

You may nominate up to three people. Please use the form below. It will refresh after each submission.

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