About Us

Welcome to Helping Hands, a philanthropic organization.

The primary goal of The Helping Hands Program is to promote the principals of optimum health to consumers while connecting them to businesses and healthcare professionals that provide products and services to achieve a patient's health-related goals and objectives.

Our mission is to connect, educate and inspire others and to support the optimum health and wellness communities to:

  • Promote the incredible, life-changing benefits of homeopathic medicine.
  • Produce learning aids and reference guides to educate and facilitate the transformation to a holistic, natural approach to the treatment of the sick.
  • Support the businesses, clinics, and organizations that offer solutions.
  • Support wellness experts, lecturers, and institutions that teach and manage patients care with homeopathic treatments.
  • Support an internal network of homeopathic ambassadors and evangelists that wish to promote the health benefits in their communities.

Helping Hands optimum health program

The founder of Helping Hands, Mr. Carmine Bello has a strong connection to the raw vegan and optimum health lifestyle as a result of the transformation he himself experienced in his own life. As a small business owner, Mr. Bello had the typical entrepreneur's 'high's and low's' lifestyle. As a result and over several decades his health became affected by the long work days, little downtime, stress and general lifestyle habits typical of many us today. 

Here is Mr. Bello's experience and perhaps you see some similarities in your life.

My initiation to the raw vegan world was a very fortunate and life changing accident. Back in 2002 I randomly picked out Hippocrates from a health directory and jumped onto a plane to attend the 3-Week Life Transformation Program in West Palm Beach, Florida. All I wanted to do was find a spa or retreat where I could rest, relax and chill out. But Brian Clement and the Hippocrates Health Institute had different plans for me and I will be forever in their debt for having made my life so much better.

I graduated from Hippocrates a changed man and feeling as euphoric as I did I was more than happy to share my good fortune with others. I was able to inspire a number of friends, relatives and colleagues because my personal transformation was a strong selling feature. Unfortunately, others were unable to break away from their addictive SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle to give Hippocrates and the raw vegan lifestyle any serious consideration. Brian Clement advised me that not everyone was ready to accept responsibility for their life choices no matter how amazing the results. He said not preach or evangelize but instead just put it out there and let them make the final decision.

The raw vegan lifestyle required me to make significant and challenging changes in my daily routine. There was a lot of useful, practical knowledge that I needed to sort out and integrate with my lifestyle and continually referring to my course notes on a regular basis proved to be a lengthy and inefficient process.

As the founder, owner and publisher of Permacharts – a company that for the last 35 years specialized in stripping a subject or topic of interest down to its most valuable tips, tricks, shortcuts and key concepts – I thought it would be a great idea to create a series of quick reference guides devoted exclusively to the raw vegan experience. In 2006 I created the Permacharts Raw Vegan Series of laminated quick reference guides with the director of Hippocrates, Brian Clement, as the editor and subject matter expert for the Series. Since Permacharts can be read and reviewed in about 10 minutes or so, they provided beginners and experts alike with a very efficient way to review and re-review key information with the goal of enticing beginners to try out the raw vegan lifestyle while encouraging practicing raw vegans to stay on track. The Series was very wall received – the best in Permacharts’ 35 year history – and the line has grown to 12 titles with many more planned.

I am deeply committed to the raw vegan way of life not just because of the benefits I have received personally but more importantly because of how it can address many of the world’s problems and challenges. As the director of the Helping Hands Program, I want to show people how many of their health challenges can be more effectively addressed by changing their lifestyle and eating habits and living in harmony with the world around them.


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